5 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is among the best tourist destinations for anyone. It features an astonishing blend of cultural diversity and natural highlights. It is a country that is full of activity and color. Vietnam gives a whirlwind of great dishes, natural wonders, and culture. All these things make it a great destination for an escape. If you are a flashpacker or backpacker, you might want to visit this country. We went ahead and created a list of the five best places you should visit in Vietnam.

Hoi Ann

Are you a lover of fashion? This is the ideal destination for you. It is affectionately known as the City of Tailors. Hoi Annis a coastal village that is full of gifted residents that will make you dress, shoes, suits, as well as shoes. Apart from that, this is also a fishing community. Therefore, if you need to enjoy fresh seafood, consider visiting this place. During the summer season, the neighboring beaches provide an ideal spot to unwind and have a cocktail.

Halong Bay

This is among the world’s fascinating sea views. It has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Several limestone islands lie in the bay in the Gulf of Tonkin. The scenery of the bay can be well viewed by boat and this makes it a superior cruising region. You may choose an overnight tour so you can see the iconic views of Halong Bay because a day trip is not good.


This is the capital of Vietnam. It is a charming city that combines east and west culture. There is a market in this city that you should ensure you visit and it is called Co Hum. The market has lots of great fabrics that you will surely love. Even if you are not a lover of street food, you will love the food here. You can go to the street restaurants and get yourself a tasty noodle soup served with beef or chicken.


This is among the most historic towns of Vietnam. It is full of antiques and blim from the 19th-century reign of Nguyen emperors. You can have an enjoyable time sitting along the gorgeous banks of the Perfume River. You can also visit the Tho Residence and the Halls of Mandarins as well as other dazzling historic places to learn the great story of Vietnam.

Con Dao Island

This is your top option if you need to go to someplace with unending sandy beaches. Apart from that, you could enjoy watching wildlife in Vietnam’s great National Park. If you are a lover of seafood, this is the right place to enjoy such dishes. For turtle seeing, visit this place in June. You will get a chance to see newborn turtles hatching because this is the nesting period – click this article on special things about vietnam.


Vietnam is a good place to spend your holiday. There are lots of things to see that will take your mind away from the busy schedules of every day.